Risk Acknowledgement LFNT

Step 2 – Crowdfunding Risk Acknowledgement Form

Check the risk acknowledgement boxes down the right side of the page, then select confirm to continue. All boxes must be checked to continue.

Risk Acknowledgement

Issuer Name: LFNT Capital Corp

Type of Eligible Security Offered: Special Warrant

WARNING! BUYER BEWARE: This investment is risky. Don’t invest unless you can afford to lose all the money you pay for this investment

1. Risk Acknowledgement

2. No Approval and No Notice

3. Limited Legal Rights

4. Purchaser’s Acknowledgement

Electronic signature: By clicking the [Confirm] button, I acknowledge that I am signing this form electronically and agree that this is the legal equivalent of my handwritten signature. I will not at any time in the future claim that my electronic signature is not legally binding. The date of my electronic signature is the same as my acknowledgement.

5. Additional Information

You have 2 days to cancel your purchase by sending a notice to the funding portal at: [email protected]

If you want more information about your local securities regulation, go to www.securities-administrators.ca. Securities regulators do not provide advice on investments.