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"Support entrepreneurs who share your values and need your help in challenging the status quo in building a better world."

Launch Portal is the pre-imminent portal for crowdfunding opportunities in British Columbia, Canada. Whether you are looking to invest in the next big thing or looking to LAUNCH it, you have found the PORTAL.

The Launch founders have in excess of 60 years of combined experience working in both the public and private sectors and capital markets. From start-ups to public companies, the Launch team has been involved in all aspects of the fundraising process.

For Companies

Bring together all investor types to help you achieve your dreams

  • Ease of use
  • Extensive Network
  • One Stop Shop
  • Campaign Coach

Navigating securities regulation is confusing. We work with you to understand your objectives and help you to best present your offering to potential investors. We conduct due diligence on your company to help you get your pitch ready. You will create your pitch and marketing plan that conveys why investors should invest.

For Investors

Traditional early stage venture investing made easy

  • Access to Private Companies
  • Efficient online deal flow
  • Invest with seasoned investors
  • Support businesses that matter

Investing in young companies has been limited to angel investors, venture capital firms and wealthy individuals. These investors represent only a fraction of the larger investor community who are excited and have the financial means to participate in growing new companies.

Patrick Brown, CEO/CFO

Patrick is Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and a Director for Launch Portal. Mr. Brown is a forward-thinking financial executive with more than 25 years of experience serving large, complex organizations in Canada and the United States. Recognized expertise at leading financial efforts to drive increases in year-over-year revenue, stimulate profit growth, and continually expand the customer base.

Uniquely skilled at guiding an organization’s practice into new industries, building an effective financial program and orchestrating effective marketing strategies. Patrick maintains a boutique consulting firm that provides guidance and support to private and publicly listed companies in both Canada and the United States.  Mr. Brown lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and can be reached by mail at Suite 1000, 1285 West Pender, Vancouver B.C., V6B 4E1 or by email at patrick@launchportal.ca  or by phone at  (877) 752-8624

Alex Bayer, CCO

Alexander Bayer is a Director and Chief Compliance Officer for Launch Portal.  Mr. Bayer has over twelve years as a corporate and securities lawyer with expertise in corporate finance and securities, mergers and acquisitions and corporate and commercial law.  He has assisted companies in a variety of sectors with public and private financings including both debt and equity offerings. He also has extensive experience assisting companies with international interests on mergers and acquisitions, complex corporate restructurings, stock exchange and securities law compliance and corporate governance.   Mr. Bayer lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and can be reached by mail at Suite 1000, 1285 West Pender, Vancouver B.C., V6B 4E1 or by email at alex@launchportal.ca or by phone at  (877) 752-8624

Matthew Kyska, CMO

Matthew Kyska is a Director and Chief Marketing Officer for Launch Portal.  Mr. Kyska is an accomplished digital marketer and entrepreneur who has built several brands and companies over the past fifteen years.  Matthew has been at the helm of multiple successful start-ups and corporate exits, from technology to nutraceuticals. Mr. Kyska has a passion for business development and helping people to grow their personal and professional brands. Mr. Kyska lives in Vancouver, British Columbia and can be reached by mail at Suite 1000, 1285 West Pender, Vancouver B.C., V6B 4E1 or by email at matt@launchportal.ca or by phone at (877) 752-8624